Scooters are heaps of fun, for the daily commute, trips to the shops and even weekends away. They’re much safer than other motorbikes, both for the rider and pillion passenger.

Scooters are becomming more and more popular in Australia, as our capital cities grow and as population density increases year upon year. Scooters are cheaper to run, and electric scooters are a great option for the environmentally-concsious. Light-weight and compact, scooters are especially practical for apartment-dwellers living within 10kms of the CBD. Most scooters can be kept on the patio and in other undercover outdoor areas.

If you’re looking to buy a scooter, you’re sure to find this website helpful. We take you through most of the makes, and there are several videos to look at as well. For scooter sales in Australia, we recommend Peter Stephens, Scooteria and Scooter Central.